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The project will generate both direct and supply chain jobs during the approximately 22 month construction period. At its peak, up to 150 workers are anticipated to be active on the construction site. Beyond construction, the project will additionally create an anticipated 5 to 10 full time roles during the operations and maintenance of the facility. Based at the the project site, these residential roles are anticipated to exist for the operational life of the project (30 years). The operational period is also anticipated to create further supply chain employment. 

The employment benefits will extend through the local supply chains, including fuel provides, vehicle services, PPE suppliers, accommodation suppliers, food outlets, tools and equipment suppliers and many other businesses. 


Community Benefits

RES is committed to supporting local communities.


The Dulacca project is committed to establishing a Community Fund for the benefit of the local Dulacca and Drillham communities.


The Community Fund, anticipated to be valued at $1.25m, will be established to provide funding opportunities for local projects, community groups and organisations. The Fund will be available upon the completion of the construction of the wind farm project and will be established with input from the local community.  

Environmental Benefits

The Dulacca Wind Farm will make an active contribution towards the Queensland Government's target of 50% renewables by 2030 and is anticipated to generate enough electricity to power approximately 124,000 Queensland homes**. 

Additional benefits include:

  • Smaller environmental footprint than comparative forms of electricity generation. 

  • Minimal impact on existing agricultural activities. 

  • Increased strategic access capability for local bushfire responders. 

  • Pre-construction land uses can be fully
    re-established post decommissioning. 

** Based on the AEMC definition of a common household in QLD (October 2017) as calculated specific to the projected project energy output. 

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