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Community Benefit Fund

Invitation to the funding panel

We appreciate your valuable input on the Dulacca Community Benefits Fund (DCBF) and your commitment to enhancing our community. Your involvement is crucial in shaping the fund's direction and addressing local issues.

To further ensure transparency and community representation, we are inviting members of the Dulacca community to submit applications for the Funding Panel. This panel, comprising up to five representatives, will play a key role in reviewing and deciding on successful DCBF applicants.

Individuals are encouraged to nominate themselves or act as representatives for local organizations, interest groups, or businesses. We aim to create a diverse and voluntary panel, committed to actively participating in DCBF meetings.

Submit your applications or inquiries to

For detailed information, please download the Terms of Reference for the Dulacca Community Benefit Fund. 



Thank you for your continued support in making Dulacca an even better community.

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